Welcome to our world of organic and pure skincare products at Sophia’s Elements. We believe in harnessing the power of nature to nourish and nurture your skin. Our products are exquisitely crafted using only 100% natural and organic ingredients, carefully sourced from around the world to create the perfect blend of indulgence and efficacy.
From luxurious face creams to gentle body lotions, our range is specially designed to offer a holistic approach to skin health, keeping your complexion glowing with vitality and radiance. We take pride in using only sustainably harvested, non-toxic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, synthetics and preservatives, ensuring that every product we offer is safe and gentle for all skin types.
So go ahead, indulge in the goodness of nature with our exquisite range of organic and pure skincare products, and experience nature’s gentle power to unleash the true beauty within you…
  • Product Spotlight: Rose & Hibiscus Beaute Creme
    Rose & Hibiscus Beaute Creme is a unique, natural, organic and oxygenated cream which contains the beauty secrets of rose, hibiscus and the skin-rejuvenating properties of oxygen. It provides a fresh, floral fragrance and smooth texture.
    Banish the signs of aging and create a new, dazzling you with this potent, rose infused, oxygenated hue creme. A refreshing hibiscus infusion will help bring back that youthful look by improving circulation, firming skin and minimizing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Product Spotlight: Blue Majik Calming Oil Serum
    Blue Majik Calming Oil Serum is a combination of pure, premium organic oils and botanicals that helps to calm and protect skin. Organic, oxygenated blue yarrow infuses the skin with antioxidants including vitamin C, helping to prevent damage caused by free radicals. The serum helps to calm skin and reduce redness with an infusion of blue yarrow oil, a natural anti-inflammatory.
    Our Blue Majik Calming Oil Serum is perfect for use on all skin types and leaves your face feeling refreshed and moisturized. This facial serum absorbs quickly into your skin, leaving you with a smooth, dewy complexion.

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